Contemporary Relay Houses

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Contemporary Relay Houses Our standard Relay House is typical of those sighted along railroad right of ways throughout the United Statesfrom the 1940’s to present times. These little buildings were made of 12 gauge steel and were used to house electrical equipment to operate signals, crossing gates, and CTC systems.  Many of them had two compartments, with a door opening to each section.  We have chosen to model two popular sizes:  6’ x 6’ and 6’ x 8’.  With a bit of kit-bashing, other sizes can be created using these parts.  The units were commonly placed on concrete piers, cement foundation, or sometimes directly on the ground. — Product No. 55910 — Quantity:Set of Two Styles — Exterior Measurement: NA — Fits Within: NA — Additional Notes: Products may contain small parts and should be kept safely away from small children. Minimum recommended age for customers is fourteen years old. Colorado customers will pay Colorado tax sales tax.
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