Midwest Petroleum Distributors

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This kit is now with resin cast tanks,  The toolinig to run the plactic tanks in no longer usable.

With the advent of the combustion engine came a need for distributors to deliver petroleum products to contract customers, farming communities and consumers.  Our Midwest Petroleum Distributors is typical of oil distribution plants located throughout the country from the 1920’s through present times.  These distributors served trucking companies, farmers, public utility and road departments, gravel pit operators and many others.  While the plants were designed around rail service, many are still in operation today, serving the trucking industry.

Plants such as Midwest can still be found today along railways and highways throughout the country.  For information on these plants, look for Arthur R. Mitchell’s article, “Oil Dealer Depots” in the March 1997 issue of Railmodel Journal.  Another article by Mitchell is in the May, 1977 issue.  HO Lineside Industries You Can Build from Kalmbach Publishing has a good chapter on Bulk Oil Depots, written by Paul J. Dolkos.

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